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In 2008, the company invested in a state-of-the-art rice mill to further gain presence in the market by milling the local Kenyan rice, PISHORI.

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Quality & Growth

This led to the launching of the variant SUNRICE KEWA MWEA PISHORI and it further strengthened the company’s ambitions of making SUNRICE a leading household brand.

In 2010, the company further launched another variant, SUNRICE MWEA PISHORI BROKEN RICE which gives the brand a total of seven variants in different pack sizes. SUNRICE has always worked hard to maintain stringent quality controls and to ensure that the consumers get the best rice on their plate. Today, with this hard work, Sunrice is one of the leading brands in the country.


Discover our brands

Vietnam Fragrant Rice

Sunrice Vietnam Fragrant Rice is grown in the rice valleys of the Red River and Mekong Delta of Vietnam. Sunrice Vietnam Fragrant Rice will make dishes like dumplings, rice cakes and sweet desserts a delight! Or simply enjoy it as an accompaniment and make the meal special!

Jasmine Rice

Jasmine Rice has always been at the heart of the Far East Asian cuisine, where rice is valued and the best varieties are reserved for royal and religious festivities. The fragrance of Sunrice Thai Jasmine Rice occurs naturally in the grain, hence also known as “Thai fragrant rice”. Sunrice Jasmine Rice is perfect for all kinds of Chinese, Japanese, Thai dishes and also for sushi.

Pishori Rice

Sunrice Pishori Rice is a distinctive aromatic pishori rice that is sown and specially nurtured in the Mwea Region by the waters of the Tana River in Kenya. Known for its authentic aroma and sweetness, Sunrice Pishori Rice makes any meal a luxury. Go on, pamper yourself, treat yourself to Sunrice!

Budget Rice

Grown and nurtured in the most fertile fields of Punjab, Sunrice Budget Rice is a rare gift of nature. A perfect mix of quality and affordability makes Sunrice Budget Rice a rice brand that is specially made for occasions that demand rice dishes in bulk. A long aromatic rice processed in such a way that it best suits such requirements. Every grain of Sunrice Budget Rice will enhance the overall taste of the dish with its aroma and delicious flavour and your pocket with its price. The result is a delightful flavour that is simply irresistible to one and all.

Biryani Rice

Specially made for the Biryani dishes, Sunrice Biryani Rice depicts the best characteristics of Basmati. Its long, slender & soft grains and the tantalising aroma and exquisite taste gives your Biryani that special touch. A rice that gives a unique feel to all kinds of Biryani dishes and an unforgettable treat to your taste buds. Sunrice Biryani Rice is rice that can be used for cooking all types of rice dishes.

Basmati Rice

Basmati remains at the heart of Sunrice. Basmati literally translated means, “The Queen of Fragrance” due to its unique aroma. Our Sunrice Basmati is a unique rice that is sown and specially nurtured by the waters of the Himalayas. Known for its long, white fluffy grains and associated with an authentic aroma, Sunrice Basmati Rice makes any meal a luxury. Sunrice Basmati Rice is ideal for making pilaus, biryani and for special occasions.