Our Company's

The Company is competently steered and professionally managed by the two directors of the Company.

Chairman Mr. Ashok Shah, has been in the commodity trade since the mid-'70s and started with the importation of cooking oil and importing and trading in wheat, rice, sugar and other food consumables.

His vast experience and expertise offers able guidance and motivation, helping the company scale new heights.

The Managing Director, Mr. Mital Shah joined the business in 1999 and started exploring new ideas for the company. Mr. Mital Shah was initially involved in developing the COMESA trade with importation from Egypt of Heinz, Confectioneries, Pasta, Safety Matches etc.

He then got actively involved in the rice fields and eventually launched Sunrice in 2004. A dynamic leader and a bold visionary, he remains fully committed to the expansion and growth of the company.

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Our People

It is said that a company is as good as the people who work for it.

With its unwavering dedication and resolve, with pride, this team has ensured success for the company at every step of the way. The common values, professionalism and concerted efforts of the team members have enabled us to greater achievements and to reach newer heights.

Today, if the brand Sunrice is known countywide in Kenya, a lot of it has to do with the invaluable support, and contribution given, by the Sunrice Team.